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Acid Mist Electrostatic Precipitators      


Acid Mist electrostatic precipitators (or MESPs) are one of the original styles of ESP developed over 100 years ago by Dr Frederick Cottrell to collect sulfuric acid fumes.  The design has evolved significantly since then.  Traditionally these units were built from lead to withstand the sulfuric acid mist, whereas today they are made from advanced plastics with carbon and platinum earthing.  These units are typically found in sufuric acid plants to separate out fine particulate and sulfuric acid mist from the SO2-rich gas stream, hence protecting the SO2/SO3 converter catalyst downstream.  They have the advantages of a very low pressure drop whilst maintaining high removal efficiencies of mists and fine particulate.

Advanced Design

Our range of Acid Mist Electrostatic Precipitators incorporate the latest state-of-the-art features including spiral discharge electrodes, Carbon ring collecting tubes, platinum earthing leads and advanced electronics.


At TAPC, we take great pride in the quality and design in all of our products.  Our range of acid mist ESPs is no different.  We have spent many years maintaining and repairing all type of ESP and have engineered out all the weaknesses we have recognised in other designs.  You can be assured that a TAPC design ESP will out perform any other type of ESP in both reliability and efficiency.


Case History

Metallurgical Acid Plant, Australia

Location Australia
Completion Date   2009
Project Duration 12 months

TAPC Scope of Work:
Supply and installation of upgraded acid mist ESP internals.

Details of plant:
  • 6 off MESP vessels, 4m dia. x 12m
  • FRP casings.
  • Polypropylene tube bundles with carbon ring earthing technology
  • Shielded Platinum wire earthing straps
Design specifications:
  • Gas Flowrate:
49,000 Am3/hr
  • Temperature:
  • Capture efficiency:
  greater than 99%

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