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Fabric Filters - Replacement Parts        
At TAPC we offer a full range of spare parts for all types of air pollution control equipment, whether we manufatured the original equipment or not. In cases where we don't hold these parts in stock, we can source the right parts for you in a timely and cost effective manner.

Filter Bags

We manufacture virtually any type of filter bag or cage. Typical fabric filters (or baghouses) have cylindrical bags hanging vertically in the unit, representing a critical component of operation. Bag fabric and design should be designed for maximum filtration efficiency, dustcake release, and durability.  Our engineers can help you select the appropriate fabric and design of bag to suit your collector - call us for help.

We also supply a number of upgraded filter elements including GE PulsePleats® and GE Preveil® fabric.  So whether you want to stick with your current style of filter bag, or you want improved performance, we have the filtration elements and media  for you.

Filter bags
(1)Flange Top Cuff; (2)Snap Cuff; (3)Reverse Air; (4)Sleeve Top; (5)Shaker bag; (6)Double bead; (7)Raw edge
  Polypropylene Polyester Acrylic PPS
(Torcon® / Procon®)
Fiberglass P84 PTFE
Max. Continuous
Operating Temperature
77°C 135°C 130°C 190°C 204°C 260°C 260°C 260°C
Moist Heat Excellent Poor Excellent Good Good Excellent Good Excellent
Alkalines Excellent Fair Fair Excellent Good Fair Fair Excellent
Mineral Acids Excellent Fair Good Excellent Fair Poor Good Excellent
(above 15%)
Excellent Excellent Excellent Poor Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent
Relative Cost $ $ $$ $$$$$ $$$ $$$ $$$$$$ $$$$$$$

Filter Bag Cages

TAPC manufactures cages for use in most baghouses. Properly designed cages serve as critical baghouse components for optimum bag performance and durability. Cages are traditionally constructed of one of the following:
  • Low carbon steel (bright basic wire)
  • Galvanized low carbon steel
  • 304 stainless steel
  • 316 stainless steel
  • Other specialty materials
Chemically Resistant Finishes
In addition to providing various stainless steel alternatives, TAPC can provide Teflon® and epoxy finishes to prevent chemical attack.

Pulsing System Parts
TAPC supplies all the components associated with the pulse cleaning systems on reverse jet fabric filters. These systems are typically made up of a number of components:
  • Diaphragm pulse valves including Goyen (pictured), Asco and Autel
  • Solenoid valves
  • Header tank
  • Electronic Timer
  • Pressure regulator and gauges
TAPC also supplies upgrades from standard pulsing systems to our PowerJet™ system. Read more here.
Diaphragm valve 

Other parts
Tensioning systems (Reverse Air Filters)
TAPC supplies all the components associated with reverse air systems.

Hangers (Shaker Filters)

Bag Clamps

Door Seals



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