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Gas Scrubbing - Activated Carbon Adsorbers   
Activated Carbon

ACA systems clean industrial exhaust air of a wide range of pollutants, in particular volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) and hydrogen sulphide (H2S).

The VOC or H2S laden air is directed through one or more beds of carbon. The air can be pre-filtered, dehumidified or cooled if necessary to assist the adsorption. The carbon takes the form of small granules or extruded (8mm long) pieces. Very high rates of adsorption can occur, such that the exhaust air is essentially free of VOC’s or H2S. The carbon is replaced when its working capacity has been reached.

If there are high loadings of VOC it becomes uneconomic to replace the carbon after one use. In such cases regenerable systems are used. These systems have a duty and a standby bed. At any given time the duty bed is adsorbing VOC’s while the standby bed is being regenerated by steam stripping.

ACA systems have very wide application, ranging from bulk liquid hydrocarbon storage and handling facilities (tank farms) to sewage transport systems odour control.

Reference List

Non-regenerable Carbon Systems– Sewage/Waste Water
Client Location Application
Redland Water Cleveland, Qld Inlet Works
Redland Water Cleveland, Qld RAS Screens
Sydney Water Hornsby Heights, NSW Inlet screens, fermenter
Sydney Water West Hornsby, NSW Inlet screens, fermenter
Sydney Water Bangor, NSW Pumping Station
Abigroup Asset Services – Water Nunawading, VIC Vent
Transfield Maintenance Mitcham, VIC Vent
ESI/Clough Subiaco, WA Enersludge Process
Yarra Valley Water Wonga Park, VIC Vent
Yarra Valley Water Coldstream, VIC Vent
Yarra Valley Water Lilydale, VIC Vent
Eurobodalla Shire Council Bateman’s Bay, NSW Pumping Station
Caltex Service Station Wyong, NSW Vent
F3 Motorway Mt White, NSW Vent
Non-regenerable Carbon Systems - VOC's
Client Location Application
RLA Polymers Kilsyth, VIC Plastic manufacture
Monsanto Brooklyn, VIC Herbicide storage
Ajax Chemicals Auburn, NSW Drum-filling
Iplex Rosehill, NSW PVC pipe facility
Australian Navy Chowder Bay, NSW Diesel fuel installation
Regenerable Carbon Systems - Chemical Storage Operations
Client Location Application
Kertih Terminals Kertih, Malaysia Benzene, p- Xylene
Kertih Terminals Kertih, Malaysia Ethylene DiChloride
VOPAK Jurong, Singapore Solvents, Acrylates, Aromatics
Huntsman Chemical Co. West Footscray, VIC Benzene, Styrene, Toluene, BTX
VOPAK Botlek, Holland, Plant C Aromatics
VOPAK Botlek, Holland, Plant B Acrylonitrite, Aromatics, EDC
Paktank Botlek, Holland Solvents, Aromatics, Monomers
ICI Australia Botany, N.S.W. Ethylene DiChloride
Panocean Botlek, Holland Solvents, Aromatics, Monomers
VOPAK Botlek, Holland, Plant A Styrene, BTX, Benzene, Xylene
Terminals Pty Ltd Botany, N.S.W. Plant B Solvents, Acrylates, Aromatics, Monomers
Terminals Pty Ltd Footscray, Vic. Plant C Solvents, Acrylates, Aromatics, Monomers
Terminals Pty Ltd Footscray, Vic. Plant B Solvents, Acrylates, Aromatics, Monomers
Terminals Pty Ltd Botany, N.S.W. Plant A Solvents, Acrylates, Aromatics, Monomers
VOPAK Botany, N.S.W. Plant A Solvents, Acrylates, Aromatics, Monomers

Case History

Sydney Water Corporation
Bangor SPS Odour Control System

Location Bangor, NSW
Completion Date   2001
Project Duration   6 months

TAPC Scope of Work:
Design, manufacture and install an activated carbon bed filter at Bangor Sewage Pumping Station.

Equipment Supplied:
  • Civil works
  • Stainless Steel ducting
  • Prefilter
  • FRP carbon bed vessel
  • Fans and silencers
  • Stainless steel exhaust stack
  • Instrumentation
  • Access platform
  • Switchgear and control assembly
  • Mechanical and electrical installation
  • Commissioning and performance testing
Design specifications:
  • Ventilation rate : 2000 m3/hr
  • H2S inlet load : up to 5 ppm
  • H2S outlet concentration : max. 0.05 ppm

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