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Gas Scrubbing - Chemical Scrubbers   

Chemical scrubbers seek to absorb a pollutant gas into a liquid stream and then react the absorbed gas with chemical compounds in the scrubbing liquid with the aim of removing the dissolved gas from solution, which in turn allows further gas to be absorbed. An example of this would be the removal of sulfur dioxide (SO2) from a gas stream using a water based solution of caustic soda (NaOH). In this case the dissolved SO2 will react with the NaOH to form sodium sulfite and sodium bisulfite - hence removing the SO2 from solution and allowing more to be removed from the gas stream.  To create the best conditions for the pollutant gases to migrate to the scrubbing liquid, we use towers filled with complex geometry packing which provide a very high contact area between the gas and the liquid.

Vertical Packed Tower Scrubbers    

These are the most common style of scubber that we build and range from small fume cupboard ventilation systems to large multi-stage scubbing systems. Some of the key features of these systems are:
  • Vertical tower configuration
  • Contains a bed of Q-Pac™ or Tellerette® packing material
  • High efficiency gas absorption (>99%)
  • Low pressure drop
  • Small footprint
  • Simple, low cost, trouble free design

Case History

Australian Gold Reagents (AGR) Waste Gas Scrubbing System

Location Kwinana, WA
Completion Date   2002
Project Duration   4 months

TAPC Scope of Work:
Design, manufacture, mechanical and electrical supply of a dust and acid vapour scrubbing system for installation at the AGR Kwinana site

Equipment Supplied:
  • Interconnecting Ducting
  • Recirculation pumps
  • Valves and piping
  • Fully skid mounted
  • Installation of control instrumentation
  • Wiring for power and control
Design specifications:
  • Gas Flow rate : 15,000Am3/hr
  • NaCN inlet load : 250kg/hr
  • NaCN outlet load : 30mg/Nm3
  • HCN inlet load : 0.2% w/w
  • HCN outlet load : 10mg/Nm3

Cross-flow Packed Tower Scrubbers    

Cross-flow or Horizontal Packed Tower Scrubbers were the original design of scrubber that we pioneered in the late 1960s. They have the ability to perform multiple stages of scrubbing within the one enclosure. Some of the key features are as follow:

  • Horizontal tower configuration
  • Contains a bed of Tellerette or Q-Pac™ tower packing
  • High efficiency gas absorption (>99%)
  • Low pressure drop
  • Handles moderate solids loadings
  • Minimises headroom required
  • Fan direct on outlet – minimises ducting
  • Suitable for multiple beds
  • Good access for maintenance
  • Kimre pad scrubbers for fertilizer service

Sieve Tray Scrubbers    

  • Vertical tower configuration
  • Contains a number of perforated trays
  • High efficiency gas absorption
  • Particle removal down to 5 microns
  • Less prone to plugging than packed towers
  • Low liquid-to-gas ratios
  • Can use low volume once through water

Eductor Venturi Scrubbers    

  • Use high pressure, high volume liquid flow to create the motive force
  • High liquid to gas ratios
  • Good for very low volume gas flows (e.g. tank vents)
  • High turndown capability
  • Good for very fouling service (no internals)
  • High efficiency gas absorption achievable

Case History

HCl Tank Vent Eductor Venturi Scrubbing System

Location Botany, NSW
Completion Date   2005
Project Duration   4 months

TAPC Scope of Work:
Design and supply of an Eductor Venturi Scrubber (EVS) system at the Botany EDC Groundwater Plant.

Equipment Supplied:
  • EVS
  • Recirculation pumps
  • Valves and piping
  • Fully skid mounted
  • Control instrumentation
  • Wiring for power and control
Design specifications:
  • Gas Flow rate : 40Am3/hr
  • Temperature : 50°C
  • HCl inlet load : Up to 9% w/w
  • HCl outlet load : <30mg/Nm3

HCl Tank Vent


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