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Gas Scrubbing - Degassers   

The solubility of gas obeys Henry's law, that is, the amount of a dissolved gas in a liquid is proportional to the amount gas above it. Therefore, placing a solution with a dissolved gas in contact with a gas stream with little or none of the dissolved gas forces it to migrate to the gas stream. This process is known as degassing and is the opposite of conventional gas scrubbing.

In industry, degassers are used extensively to remove dissolved gasses from a process liquid stream.  Typical applications inlcude RO permeate, ammonia removal and CO2 removal.

Vertical Packed Tower Degassers    

Vertical counter-current towers are the most common style of degasser that we build. They are very similar to vertical chemical scrubbers but tend to run at significantly different air to liquid ratios.  Some of the key features of these systems are:
  • Vertical tower configuration
  • Contains a bed of Q-Pac™ or Tellerette® packing material
  • Low pressure drop
  • Small footprint
  • Simple, low cost, trouble free design

Case History

CO2 Degassing System

Location Wollongong, NSW
Completion Date   2003
Project Duration   6 months

TAPC Scope of Work:
Design, supply and commissioning of CO2 degassing system for the reverse osmosis permeate at the water recycling facility at Port Kembla.

Equipment Supplied:
  • Degassing System
  • Forced Draft axial fans
  • Valves and piping
  • Commissioning
Design specifications:
  • Gas Flow rate : 13,450 Am3/hr
  • RO Permeate Flow : 231 L/s
  • CO2 inlet load : 45 mg/L
  • CO2 outlet load : <7 mg/L



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