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Gas Scrubbing - Mist Eliminators   
Kimre Mesh Pads

Kimre mesh pads offer high efficiency mist elimination. The pads employ a unique woven structure and a variety of filament sizes and weave densities. The woven material produced is in relatively thin layers (2.5 mm to 50 mm thick) with a pad being assembled from a number of layers which may be the same or may vary in weave and composition. As such a pad can be designed to achieve a given mist removal performance, liquid handling capability etc. This method of construction results in predictable, reliable performance and also allows for easy cleaning by pulling the individual layers apart and washing them. Kimre pads can also be used as mass transfer media in packed towers.

Kimre Mist Eliminators

B-GONŽ Mist Eliminators operate at low pressure drops, giving higher throughput at lower energy usage. Kimre technology makes this possible because all B-GONŽ filaments are engineered to align perpendicular to your gas flow for maximum droplet removal efficiency.  This unique interlacing is in sharp contrast to the random orientation of competitive products of knitted mesh.  B-GONŽ mesh combines the best features of knitted mesh and plate type eliminators.  The ladder arrangement of the two sets of filaments causes a change in direction of vapor flow which enhances droplet removal by impaction, interception and centrifugal actions.  This also produces a cross-flow of captured liquid that flushes particulates from the media. Composite pads are a unique Kimre feature. Because particle size distribution and flow conditions are subject to unpredictable variations and in-plant data on them are not full or completely known, Kimre has developed composite pads for stagewise droplet removal. These uniquely designed B-GONŽ Mist Eliminators have several layers of differing coarseness (see picture above). Heavy loads of solid particulates or liquids can be stopped with coarse styles while less coarse styles eliminate small liquid droplets.  B-GONŽ composite pads are a robust design, less sensitive
to fluctuating operating conditions.

B-GONŽ is the registered trademark of Kimre, Inc.

Brink Mist Eliminators (BME’s)

Also known as candle filters and Brink mist eliminators, MME’s were developed by Monsanto to solve acid mist problems in sulphuric acid plants. They have since been developed to solve a range of mist problems, especially ultrafine acid and organic mists from sources such as chlorine plants, asphalt plants, sulphuric and nitric acid plants, vinyl curing operations and other applications producing condensed organic mists.


Chevron Mist Eliminator

Verantis engineers our chevron mist eliminators for the highest reliability and collection efficiency, with mist removal efficiencies often approaching 100%. Our mist eliminators rely on direct compaction combined with centrifugal force to remove liquid entrainment from gas streams. They guarantee high efficiency and low pressure drops in scrubbers, cooling towers, air washers, gas absorbers, and ventilation systems.

Our high performance chevron mist eliminators make sure your mist goes away:
  • Special chevron design allows for high velocity operation up to 5 m/s
  • Existing towers with mesh pads can be retrofitted to minimize fouling and pad replacement
  • Wide blade spacing provides excellent resistance against potential plugging in applications with high solids loading
  • Effectively removes liquid droplets down to 25 microns
  • Available in vinylester fiberglass reinforced plastic, polypropylene, carbon, and stainless steel




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