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Gas Scrubbing - Technical Services   

Service and Maintenance Work

TAPC have an expert crew of service technicians with many years of detailed experience in all types of gas scrubbing equipment.  Not only do we offer full servicing capabilities for our own equipment, but we also service our competitors equipment.  Behind our service technicians are a full team of project managers and engineers who can determine and resolve any issue that you may be having.

Currently TAPC services and maintains hundreds of different types of air pollution control equipment across Australia and SE Asia - many under long term maintenance contracts with the region's largest customers.  If we're not currently servicing your equipment, why not give us a call and give yourself peace of mind.


Engineering Studies

Many of our clients need assistance to evaluate their air emission applications, to identify solutions and to evaluate and troubleshoot existing ventilation and air pollution control systems.

TAPC have un-matched specialist expertise and knowledge to assist in these areas and have undertaken a variety of engineering studies over the past 40 years.


Pilot Plants

TAPC has a number of pilot plants available for on-site pilot plant work. These consist of packed tower scrubbers and a full Dynawave™ pilot. Complete systems are able to be assembled including extraction fans, ducting, stub stacks, recycle pumps and piping systems, chemical dosing systems and control panels.

A pilot plant may be the best option for proving a technology before you spend large amounts of money on a full scale plant.

Pilot Plant

Remote Troubleshooting

Do you need help quickly?  Don't worry, we have troubleshooting support over the phone as well as on our website (click here).  If you need help, call us today on the numbers opposite or email us at help*tapc.com.au (please exchange the * for the "at" symbol).

Remote Troubleshooting


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