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Gas Scrubbing - Spare Parts   
At TAPC we offer a full range of spare parts for all types of air pollution control equipment, whether we manufatured the original equipment or not. In cases where we don't hold these parts in stock, we can source the right parts for you in a timely and cost effective manner.

Tower Packing

TAPC supplies many types of tower packing from the traditional Tellerette tower packing, to more modern, highly efficient, low pressure drop Q-PAC™ tower packing from Lantec. The packing comes in a range of sizes and materials (polypropylene, polyethylene, PVC, CPVC, PVDF, Tefzel, Xydar) to suit your particular application. 

So whether you want to stick with your current packing, or you want improved performance, we have the packing for you.

  QPAC Tellerettes

Tellerette Packing

Packing Size
Dimensions O.D.
Volume (%)
Average Packing
Factor (ft)
  No. 1-TypeR 1.81" 0.75" 87 55 36
  No. 2-TypeR 2.75" 1.00" 93 38 18
  No. 3-TypeR 3.75" 1.50" 92 30 16
  No. 2-TypeK 3.25" 1.25" 95 28 11
  No. 3-TypeK♦ 4.125" 2.19" 96 22 9
   ♦ = Patent Pending   ■ = Available in PE, PP, PVC, CPVC, Kynar, Noryl, Tefzel   ▲ = Available in PP only

Lantec Q-PAC™ Packing

Packing Size
Dimensions O.D.
Weight in PP Free
Volume (%)
Average Packing
Factor (ft)
Number of Dripping Points
  Q-PAC™ 3.25" x 3.75" 2.1 lb/ft3 96.3% 30 7 11,000/ft3


Fibreglass Fans

TAPC offer fiberglass fans for use in highly corrosive chemical environments. The range covers air flows up to 90,000 Am3/hr and static pressures up to 6 kPa. Both the impellers and the housings are solid fiberglass offering maximum corrosion resistance and structural integrity. The range covers the normal range of types, blade styles, accessories and arrangements as are available for metal fans.

Activated Carbon

Although the term granular activated carbon is used generically, it can refer to dozens of similar - but not identical- adsorbents. Depending on raw material, method and degree of activation and other factors, activated carbons can perform differently in various applications.

TAPC has more than 40 years of experience in activated carbon market development, product development, research and applications technology. As a leading manufacturer of vapour phase activated carbon adsorption equipment, we know the characteristics of activated carbon adsorbents that make a big difference.

Selecting the right activated carbon allows us to engineer the optimum adsorbent content and longevity of the carbon for a specific application.  Choosing the right carbon can not only save you money, but improve your performance.

Activated Carbon


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