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Gas Scrubbing - Particulate Scrubbers   


Many of the gas scrubbing systems that we install are for the removal of gaseous pollutants.  However, there are many occasions where the gas stream includes particulates that need to be removed either before a gas scrubbing section, or as a stand alone process.  These scrubbers are generally referred to as "Wet Scrubbers".

Venturi Scrubbers - Conventional    
  • Primarily for particle collection
  • Moderate efficiency for gas absorption
  • Gas and liquid pass through a narrow throat
  • Turbulence created provides gas-liquid contact
  • Particle collection down to 0.5 micron
  • Fixed and adjustable throats
  • High pressure drop/high energy use
  • Higher throat pressure drops increase fine particle collection
  • Can take a number of forms

Aeromix Venturi Scrubbers - Pumpless      Aeromix
  • Gas flow vertically upward through the venturi throat
  • Autocirculation of the liquid by the gas and gravity
  • No spray nozzles or pumps required
  • Particle collection down to 0.5 micron
  • Slurry concentrations up to 30% w/w

Case History

Gold Mine, NSW

Venturi Scrubber

Venturi Scrubber

Location Parkes, NSW
Completion Date   2012
Project Duration   4 months

TAPC Scope of Work:
Design, manufacture, and install a particulate scrubbing system for installation at an underground gold mine in NSW.

Equipment Supplied:
  • Inlet Ducting
  • Aeromix Venturi Scrubber system
  • Recirculation pumps
  • Valves and piping
  • Full support structure
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Wiring for power and control
Design specifications:
  • Gas Flow rate : 12,600Am3/hr
  • Dust inlet load : 1.6kg/hr
  • Dust outlet load : <50mg/Nm3

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