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Troubleshooting Help - ESP        

Step 1

Electrostatic Precipitators are complex devices with many potential faults and problems.  This guide seeks to help with the most likely causes and senarios, however, should your problems not be resolved through this process, please contact our expert staff either via the telephone or by email; help at tapc dot com dot au (please replace "at" with @ and "dot" with "." this has been done to avoid automated junk mail).

The first step in diagnosing an operating ESP is to look at the data available; typically the electrical readings.

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What are normal electrical readings?

It is normal for the electrical readings to vary from zone to zone within an operating ESP.  In fact, it's strange if they do not vary.  An ESP that is operating well will have th following pattern:
  • The first zone will have the highest secondary voltage (kV) reading, with each successive zone slightly lower.  Similarly the first zone should spark more than each successive field.
  • The last zone will have the highest secondary current (mA) reading (typically close to the maximum transformer rectifier rating), whereas the first zone will have the lowest.
The diagram opposite shows a standard three zone (or field) ESP.  The blue arrows indicate the reading with the ESP clean and without dust/gas passing through (also known as air load test).  These arrows indicate the "perfect" state.  The red arrows indicate how the secondary voltage and current should look in each zone when operating.

Are your ESP readings in this pattern? 
If not, it may indicate a problem - select "No" below.
If your electrical readings match this pattern, then choose "yes" below.
ESP meters
Question 1
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