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Mists and Droplets

Liquid material conveyed in a gas stream can be referred to in numerous ways including "mist" and "droplets".  There are a number of styles of equipment for removing mists, each with their own specific characteristics, advantages and disadvantages.  Below is a general guide of the mist removal devices that we manufacture, with a brief outline of their relative capabilities.  In all cases, please contact our engineers so that we can determine the correct solution to your air pollution control issues.

Acid Mist Electrostatic Precipitator

Acid Mist ESP

Acid Mist electrostatic precipitators (or MESPs) are one of the original styles of ESP developed over 100 years ago by Dr Frederick Cottrell to collect sulfuric acid fumes.  The design has evolved significantly since then.  Traditionally these units were built from lead to withstand the sulfuric acid mist, whereas today they are made from advanced plastics with carbon and platinum earthing.  These units are typically found in sufuric acid plants to separate out fine particulate and sulfuric acid mist from the SO2-rich gas stream, hence protecting the SO2/SO3 converter catalyst downstream. 

They have the following advantages:

  • Very low pressure drop whilst maintaining high removal efficiencies of mists
  • Can capture fine particulate without blocking
  • Can be arranged in multiple parallel modules for larger gas volumes
  • Can be arranged in series for higher collection efficiencies

To read more visit our Acid Mist Electrostatic Precipitator section.

Mist Eliminators

Kimre Mist Pads Kimre B-GONŽ Mist Eliminators
  • Consist of multiple layers to allow for removal of different size materials at each stage
  • Heavy loads of solid particulates or liquids can be stopped with coarse styles while less coarse styles eliminate small liquid droplets.
  • Cross-flow of captured liquid helps flush particulates from the media.
  • Each pad can be designed to achieve a given mist removal performance and liquid handling capability.
Brink Mist Eliminators Brink Mist Eliminators
  • Good for capturing ultrafine acid and organic mists from sources such as chlorine plants, asphalt plants, sulphuric and nitric acid plants, vinyl curing operations and other applications producing condensed organic mists.
  • Not good in applications involving particulates
Chevron screens Chevron Mist Eliminators
  • Special chevron design allows for high velocity operation up to 5 m/s
  • Existing towers with mesh pads can be retrofitted to minimize fouling and pad replacement
  • Wide blade spacing provides excellent resistance against potential plugging in applications with high solids loading
  • Effectively removes liquid droplets down to 25 microns
  • Available in vinylester fiberglass reinforced plastic, polypropylene, carbon, and stainless steel
To read more visit our Mist Eliminator section.

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