What Equipment do I need?

You have an air pollution problem, so what Equipment do you need?

The following is designed to be a general guide to the appropriate type of equipment needed based on the type of pollutant that you want removed.  This is only a general guide and should not be relied upon as the solution.  Please contact our engineers so that we can determine the correct solution to your air pollution control issues.

Odours & Smells

Hydrogen sulphide (H2S), Mercaptans/Thiols

Alkaline Gases

NH3, amines

Dust & Fume

Smoke, Fugitive dust, process dust etc. to sub-micron size

Acid gases & vapours

SO2/SO3, HCl, HF, SiF4, Cl2, ClO2, H2S, NOx


Acid, alkaline, organic


Elemental (Hg) and mercuric oxide (HgO)