Fabric Filter – Upgrades

At TAPC we offer multiple upgrade options for all types of fabric filter, from filtration media upgrades to pulse cleaning improvements.  Some of these upgrades are listed below.  If you’re looking for improved performance from your filter, we can help.

GE PulsePleats™

TAPC offers a range of pleated filters designed to help you meet your fine filtration needs. From the original pleated technology used to create PulsePleat to the high temperature ThermoPleat, used for applications that require protection against intense heat, pleated filters have increased filtration areas and helped to lower energy costs.

  • 100% spunbond polyester media, with specialty finishes available, including Preveil™ media
  • Fits most standard tubesheet designs
  • Substantially reduces installation time
  • Significantly more efficient than standard felt media
  • Up to 3 times the surface area of conventional filter bags
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ePTFE Membrane Fabrics

ePTFE Membrane Fabrics

GE Preveil™ ePTFE Membrane Fabrics

Preveil™ membrane is an expanded microporous PTFE membrane (ePTFE) that is bonded to the surface of conventional filter media, including felts and woven fabrics.

Made from virgin PTFE resin, Preveil membrane is manufactured in GE’s own climate-controlled cleanroom environment, which allows a membrane with exceptional lamination strength and controlled specifications. Preveil membrane filter media is tested and inspected to assure the filter bags are the highest quality.

  • Highest filtration efficiencies (99.99+%) for lowest possible emissions, even at sub-micron levels
  • Excellent dustcake release on cleaning helps keep pressure drop low and maintain stable system operation
  • Reduced agglomeration for hassle-free baghouse operation
  • Greater airflow and/or lower energy consumption helps provide quick return on investment

PowerJet™ Pulse System

The TAPC PowerJet™ pulse cleaning system can be retro-fitted to most pulsejet fabric filters. The PowerJet system is based around the PowerJet nozzle and features the following benefits:

  • More efficient pulse cleaning action than conventional pulse systems

  • Virtually no pressure loss in normal operation when compared to venturi systems

  • Reduced compressed air requirements = operational cost savings

  • reduced operating costs over venturi systems due to the lower operating pressure drop

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