Destructive technology

Destructive Technology

What is destructive technology?

Destructive technology comprises air pollution control devices capable of hazardous gas destruction at extremely high temperatures. Using the combustion process, destructive technology (i.e. thermal oxidisers, flare, catalytic oxidisers) destroy hydrocarbons, VOCs, hydrogen sulphide, odour and smoke particles.

TAPC supplies a variety of destructive technologies which converts hydrocarbon-based pollutants into carbon dioxide and water vapour while reusing the thermal energy generated to reduce operating costs. Regenerative thermal oxidisers are capable of self‐sustaining at low concentrations, requiring no additional fuel for destruction.

Applications and performance

TAPC has supplied destructive technology to a wide range of industries that need to control VOCs and HAPs emission. Our team ensures the system is fully shop assembled, pre‐wired and tested prior to shipment. Multiple configurations are available to adapt to the specific requirements of your application. Delivering guaranteed regulatory compliance, TAPC destructive technologies provide:

  • Minimum 99% Destruction Rate Efficiency (DRE)
  • Low operating cost and fuel usage
  • True Thermal Energy Recovery (TER) of up to 97%
  • A controls package designed to meet the needs of each application
  • Compliance with all relevant codes and standards

Market Leader for performance

Delivering innovative outcomes to complex and emerging environmental issues is what we do best. Our methodologies and technology eliminate noxious odours emitted from industrial waste and sewerage plants around the globe.  

Improving The Health of Ecosystems

Every part of our business is committed to improving environmental outcomes through clever engineering innovation. Our work proudly contributes to pollution reduction around the world.


Reducing the release of pollutants into the atmosphere is seen as more than a legal mandate – it’s improving people’s health.