Dry Scrubbers

Dry Scrubber TAPC Total Air Pollution Control

What is a dry scrubber?

Dry scrubber systems remove gaseous pollutants from a larger gas stream. By injecting a dry reagent or slurry into a dirty exhaust stream, acid gases are eliminated.

Three main classes of gas scrubbing technology are available on the market to meet a range of industrial emission control needs:

  • Absorption systems (absorbs the pollutant gas into a liquid)
  • Adsorption systems (binds the pollutant gas to the surface of a solid), or
  • Destruction/oxidation systems (oxidises the pollutant gas into a simpler compound)

Typical dry scrubber devices include activated carbon systems, thermal oxidisers and catalyst systems.

Applications and performance

TAPC has developed a unique dry scrubbing adsorption system that uses activated carbon to purify air and gas. The a-SORBTM systems offers industry a low cost, highly effective method for controlling odours, toxic vapours and hydrocarbon emissions.

TAPC dry scrubber equipment treats the following common containments within a gas stream:

  • SO2– Sulphur dioxide
  • NH3– Ammonia (low concentrations)
  • H2S – Hydrogen sulfide
  • Sulphurous components
  • CCl4 – Carbon tetrachloride
  • Hg – Mercury
  • HF – Hydrofluoric acid
  • VOCs – Volatile organic compounds
  • Aromatics
  • CO2– Carbon dioxide
  • Odorous compounds
  • Aromatics
  • Mercaptans

a-SORBTM systems control emissions from industrial processes, storage tanks, sewerage systems, pumping stations, reactor vessels and waste treatment facilities. It has been successfully deployed across the following industries:

  • Petrochemical
  • Sewage / waste water
  • Chemical
  • Plastic
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Gas
  • Soil remediation
  • Waste handling

Critical to performance is selecting a system with the correct grade of activated carbon. The required grade depends on the contaminants involved in the air stream. TACP has designed and supplied activated carbon systems for 25 years. Our expertise lies in matching the right carbon system to suit particular industrial processes and contaminants.

The a-SORBTM system delivers the most effective and economical option for removing pollutant gases. With simple installation and using only specially engineered activated carbons, this product ensures optimum performance and longevity.

Our a-SORBTM systems come in a range of configurations to meet diverse gas flow requirements. This flexibility gives plant owners and operators confidence that the right dry scrubber system will be installed to optimise performance, reduce energy costs and ensure continuous long life.

Single canisters are capable of handling gas flows up to 340m3 per hour, with larger gas flows processed via multiple (parallel) modules.

How we can help

TAPC engineers can tailor a total system design for your plant, take care of installation, and ongoing service and maintenance. The weather-proof, zero maintenance a-SORBTM gas scrubber system has proven invaluable for clients across many industries. See our case studies to learn more about its outstanding performance.

After supplying and installing hundreds of plants with our activated carbon systems, no other air pollution control company can match TAPC’s depth of experience and knowledge. We bring you the world’s best technology backed by industry-leading engineering.

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