Flue gas desulphurisation unit

What is flue-gas desulphurisation (FGD)?

FGD describes a class of technologies applied to the removal of SO2 from industrial processes that produce this toxic gas. Power plants typically emit sulphur dioxide via exhaust combustion flue gases. Effective at SO2 quenching and absorption, FGD scrubber systems are critical to controlling this form of air pollution.

Applications and performance

TAPC’s DynaWave scrubber is an air pollution control system that delivers reliable operation with dirty, hot gases. They are perfectly suited to FGD slurry scrubbing applications, with resilient performance and high collection efficiency in heavy pollution environments. The scrubber easily copes with routine scrubbing slurry operations such as limestone or lime kiln dust without blockage or interruption.

A system that rapidly absorbs SO2, the DynaWave is capable of quenching hot gases up to 1200°C. Sometimes coupled with other TAPC technology packages, this advanced system is also used by power stations and heavy industry to efficiently remove particulate matter.

The heart of the DynaWave Engineered Scrubbing System is the Reverse Jet – a gas-to-liquid contactor designed to create a zone of intense mixing. This generates an exceptional rate of liquid surface renewal and efficiently quenches the gas and absorbs the SO2. The unique design means a small footprint is achieved.

Key industries requiring FGD scrubber systems include fossil fuel-powered electricity plants, metal processing plants and waste disposal facilities.

TAPC engineers have decades of experience designing, building and installing FGD scrubber solutions for industries that cannot afford downtime. Our team’s technical knowledge is unsurpassed in Australia. We craft optimal solutions to ensure our clients’ plants operate continuously and economically.

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Delivering innovative outcomes to complex and emerging environmental issues is what we do best. Our methodologies and technology eliminate noxious odours emitted from industrial waste and sewerage plants around the globe.  

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