Engineering & design

The right solution ensures your site will meet – or exceed – environmental regulations, deliver continuous operation and maintain a safe work environment.

Air pollution and industrial control solutions are critical pieces of infrastructure, so it’s important to get the right solution from the start. That’s why TAPC invests heavily in our engineering and design expertise. We are committed to providing clients with proven equipment that is robust, economical and efficient.

TAPC offers a full service, from concept through to installation, maintenance and service. Our design engineers are world-class specialists who strive to develop innovative, tailor-made solutions regardless of application. Our design work around the globe illustrates our strategic approach to designing sustainable systems that meet strict global emission levels.

Designing the right air pollution control for your plant

TAPC consults closely with our clients to assess their emissions control issues and design the most efficient solution. Whether you need to control gas and vapour, dust/particulate and fume, odours or mists, TAPC will provide a system that delivers maximum removal efficiency 100% of the time.

We engineer solutions for a wide range of applications – from selective catalytic reactors for nitric acid plants to ammonia recovery scrubbers for nickel refineries. TAPC stands alone in Australia as the air pollution and industrial process control company with a comprehensive suite of resources and expertise to deliver tailored solutions for every client.

TAPC also provides fully integrated plant packages designed for unique applications.

Working with partners to deliver the best solution

TAPC maintains close relationships with key international technology partners. This gives our clients unprecedented access to the world’s leading equipment and innovative system designs.

Contact our engineers today to determine the correct solution for your new plant or upgrade needs.

Engineered Solutions

Our team of experienced and proactive experts resolve challenges by delivering tailored and unique solutions to meet your current and future facility needs.

Safety & Continuous Improvements

We analyse not just results, but also the systems used to achieve them.  We continuously drive improvement in all areas of business, through targeted investment in IT systems, training and staff engagement.

Expert Team

Our world-class inudstry specialists will be right beside you from concept through to installation, maintenance and service.