Wet scrubbers

What is a wet scrubber?

Wet scrubbers are a class of pollution control devices that use liquid to remove odours and gas pollutants from industrial processes.

Using the absorption method, a scrubbing liquid interacts with the polluted gas stream, transferring pollutants into the liquid. The cleaned gas is then discharged to the atmosphere. Caustic or acid chemicals are added to the scrubbing liquid, and these react with the dissolved gas to form stable salts. This process has two benefits: pollutant removal efficiency is increased and the scrubbing liquid can be recycled.

TAPC supplies three types of absorption scrubber:

  • Spray towers
  • Bubble trays
  • Packed beds (or towers)

The proper choice of scrubber will depend on your application. Our engineers can determine the best fit for your needs.

Applications and performance

TAPC’s flagship technology brings industry the most efficient gas scrubbing system available in the world. Our latest generation c-SORBTM Packed Bed Scrubber combines state-of-the-art 3D design with exhaustive field testing and decades of experience. The c-SORBTM range provides gas scrubbers that are economical yet unsurpassed in engineering design, quality and efficiency.

TAPC wet scrubber equipment treats the following common containments within a gas stream:

  • SO2– Sulphur dioxide
  • SO3– Sulphur trioxide
  • H2SO4– Sulfuric acid
  • H2S – Hydrogen sulfide
  • CO2– Carbon dioxide
  • CO – Carbon monoxide
  • NH3– Ammonia
  • HCl – Hydrochloric acid
  • Cl – Chlorine
  • VOCs – Volatile organic compounds

Wet scrubbers perform best when gases are the primary pollutant and there is only a light dust load. Used in combination with other TAPC air pollution control devices, the c-SORBTM is a robust solution for dealing with multiple pollutants.

Most industrial processes create more than one pollutant. TAPC can tailor a multi-stage solution for your particular application. We take various approaches to cleaning exhaust streams to deliver the best possible result. Our tailored arrangements for clients achieve removal of greater than 99% of VOCs, HAPs, acid gases, dust and particulate.

TAPC packed bed scrubbers use superior packing materials manufactured by Lantec Products Inc. Lantec technology outperforms other packing materials on the market, with qualities that enhance efficiency, reduce energy consumption and have a high resistance to blockages.

Market Leader for performance

Delivering innovative outcomes to complex and emerging environmental issues is what we do best. Our methodologies and technology eliminate noxious odours emitted from industrial waste and sewerage plants around the globe.  

Improving The Health of Ecosystems

Every part of our business is committed to improving environmental outcomes through clever engineering innovation. Our work proudly contributes to pollution reduction around the world.


Reducing the release of pollutants into the atmosphere is seen as more than a legal mandate – it’s improving people’s health.