Optimisation & improvements

Electrostatic precipitator replacement and rebuilding

Whatever your industry, your precipitator is likely one of the most misunderstood pieces of equipment in your plant. When ESPs underperform, production is limited and plant interruption risk is high.

TAPC is widely known for innovative, imaginative solutions to the problems encountered by precipitator operators around the world. We customise remedies for any emission control challenge, regardless of what brand of equipment clients own.

We seek to help clients keep their precipitator working so well that plants can maintain – or even increase – production levels. To achieve this goal, TAPC has established a multidisciplinary team of professionals dedicated to precipitator maintenance and upgrades.

Whether your ESP simply needs new parts or a full rebuild to bring it back to original condition, TAPC can deliver. When you contact us, you have instant access to industry-leading engineers, construction managers, site engineers and inspection service experts. No other air pollution control company has this depth of expertise.

Retrofits and upgrades

TAPC supplies upgrade options for all makes and models of equipment to improve overall plant performance. Many of these specialised products come from our international partners who lead the world in their technology fields .

Bagfilter rebuilds and conversions are a specialist service we provide to increase plant production, further reduce emissions and enhance reliability. In many cases, TAPC can transform the old box into a new high-performance bagfilter. Depending on your requirements, our expert team can restore the filter to its former capabilities or upgrade it to higher flow rates and efficiency.

Engineered Solutions

Our team of experienced and proactive experts resolve challenges by delivering tailored and unique solutions to meet your current and future facility needs.

Safety & Continuous Improvements

We analyse not just results, but also the systems used to achieve them.  We continuously drive improvement in all areas of business, through targeted investment in IT systems, training and staff engagement.

Expert Team

Our world-class inudstry specialists will be right beside you from concept through to installation, maintenance and service.