Aeromixes & Cyclones


What are Aeromixes and Cyclones?

Cyclonic technology and aeromixes are predominantly used to control dust and fume, but can be applied to a range of industrial pollutants. Cyclonic separation removes particulates from an air, gas or liquid stream through vortex separation. The process uses no filters or internal components, which reduces maintenance concerns.

After pollutants are captured within the cyclone housing, only clean relief air is discharged into the atmosphere. Our AeromixTM technology is based on the venturi scrubber design which facilitates highly efficient particle collection.

Applications and performance

TAPC’s range of AeromixTM Wet Scrubbers offers a unique low-energy solution for controlling dust and particulate emissions. As a venturi-style scrubber, the AeromixTM system delivers high rates of pollutant removal – up to 99% collection efficiency for +2 micron-size particles.

Our dust control systems have been designed for maximum performance and low maintenance. TAPC cyclone technology is suitable for dust and fume control across many industries, including chemical, mining, mineral processing, food, plastics and pharmaceutical manufacture. 

Market Leader for performance

Delivering innovative outcomes to complex and emerging environmental issues is what we do best. Our methodologies and technology eliminate noxious odours emitted from industrial waste and sewerage plants around the globe.  

Improving The Health of Ecosystems

Every part of our business is committed to improving environmental outcomes through clever engineering innovation. Our work proudly contributes to pollution reduction around the world.


Reducing the release of pollutants into the atmosphere is seen as more than a legal mandate – it’s improving people’s health.