Fabric filters (baghouses)


What are fabric filters (baghouses)?

Fabric filters (also called baghouses) are devices that remove particulate from a gas stream by passing the dirty air through a layer of cloth filtration. Particulate matter deposits on the cloth surface, leaving only the clean air to pass through. As the most prevalent control device used in modern industrial processes, fabric filters are a critical piece of infrastructure for many of our clients. While often used for air particulate emission reduction, fabric filters are also integrated with key mineral processing plants.

There are three types of fabric filter cleaning methods: reverse air, shaker and pulse-jet. Each method has been developed to respond to the specific applications.

Applications and performance

TAPC can supply the right fabric filter system to suit your operation, from small venting applications (silo and conveyor venting), to mid-sized (ventilation systems, dryers, transfer points) and large, heavy applications (power stations, metallurgical industries, refineries, furnaces). Our fabric filters have capacity to handle light to heavy dust loads, gas temperatures up to 260°C, or extreme conditions greater than 500°C by using ceramic filter elements.

Our range of TAPC fabric filters is the most effective and efficient technology of its kind anywhere in the world. The latest generation of TAPC fabric filter units reflect state-of-the-art 3D computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modelling and proven daily emission targets.

Years of experience in repairing, redesigning, conversions and rebuilding other manufacturer’s bag filters also informs TAPC expertise. The culmination of this work is a range of fabric filters that are economical to build while uncompromising in engineering design, quality and efficiency. When you purchase a TAPC fabric filter, you’re getting the most robust industrial filter on the market today.

Our specialist baghouse maintenance and upgrade service team can keep your fabric filters performing perfectly.

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