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Fabric Filters - Accessories        
At TAPC we offer multiple accessories that may help in the operation and maintenance of your fabric filter.  Some of these  are listed below.  If you're looking for improved performance from your filter, we can help.

Leak Detection Powder and UV lights

The UV Leak Detection System was developed to reduce the time plant personnel spent identifying tears, holes, and bad seals in bags. In addition, structural air leaks in the system such as weld cracks and misfitting metal enclosure covers could not be detected unless they were clearly visible.

The solution is our lightweight fluorescent powder which is easily injected into the baghouse. The powder follows the path of least resistance, accumulating around the source of leakage. A monochromatic light is then used to pinpoint the exact location of air leakage and its severity.

  • Decreases downtime.
  • Simple test to perform.
  • Proven product.
  • Available in four vibrant colors for best contrast or multiple tests.
  • Specifically engineered particle size distribution designed to provide the highest visibility to locate bag leaks.
UV Light

GE Powerwave™ Acoustic Horns

Acoustic cleaning systems can significantly improve the cleaning of air pollution control equipment, heat transfer surfaces, material handling and storage equipment, and areas of production where particulate build-up occurs. Acoustic cleaners are air-operated devices that emit low frequency high energy sound waves. The sound waves create vibrations that break apart and dislodge material deposits from surfaces. The vibrations are powerful enough to break apart heavy concentrations of particulate, but gentle enough to not harm the surface. Once the material has been dislodged, gravity and/or gas flow remove it.
  • Dust removal without abrasion or damage
  • Low energy consumption

Powerwave horns
Powerwave™ Horns as a replacement for soot blowers on Boiler Tubes

Boiler outside
Boiler inside
Powerwave™ Horns to stop prevent hopper build.

Powerwave Hopper

Powerwave™ Horns for assisted cleaning in reverse air bagfilters and ESPs.

Reverse AirESP


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